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No Other Firm in Michigan Has Done it Longer

For more than 75 years, Colombo & Colombo has kept pace with the automotive industry and been extensively involved in representing automobile dealerships and their trade associations. Our lawyers have stayed abreast of changes in new performance standards and shifts in distribution strategies.

We have kept abreast of fluctuating labor needs, tighter governmental regulation and escalating costs, all of which affect the dealership/manufacturer relationship and must be reflected through contractual amendments and other legal vehicles.
Our attorneys provide legal services and representation for the automotive industry through comprehensive activities in the following areas:

    • Purchase and sale of dealerships
    • Franchising issues
    • Advertising
    • Employment and labor relations
    • All facets of retail automobile sales
    • Regulatory work
    • Automobile Associations
    • Retail Automobile Sales

Our law firm facilitates retail automobile sales by reviewing and drafting contracts, as well as providing legal advice and representation regarding taxation, odometer affidavits, truth in lending, licensing, and title transfer.

Government Regulatory Compliance and Representation

In addition, our lawyers have developed extensive skills and acquired vast experience with respect to the legal management of relationships between dealerships and automotive manufacturers. We are also well versed and highly experienced in automotive dealership and industry matters that involve the Secretary of State, National Labor Relations Board, Department of Labor, EEOC, Wage and Hour Division, and the Federal Trade Commission. Through expert legal guidance and representation, we assist automotive dealerships and trade associations to ensure necessary compliance with government regulations and to meet industry standards.

Franchise Law

As a result of our firm’s experience with the franchise segment of the automobile industry, we have developed considerable expertise in the area of franchise law. In addition to many automobile dealerships, the firm represents various types of franchisors in franchise development, registration, and litigation.

To learn more about how our attorneys can benefit your dealership or trade association, please call our firm at 248-645-9300 or email attorney Eric Bowden today to arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers.


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